Kenilworth Centre is expanding
Soon there’ll be even more to make it well worth a visit

The redevelopment of Kenilworth Centre came about due to the need to regulate and simplify the parking reticulation around the Centre. Currently, on high days, we are able to process around 1700 vehicles in and 1400 vehicles out of the premises per hour. This is well below the standard of 2500 vehicles in and out the average shopping centre in the industry is able to process.

To begin with a traffic engineer was employed to assess and advise on ways to improve our parking situation and as a result of this study we will be building parking decks to link up with the current decks, build a bridge on the north-east corner (Access Park side) linking the “Game” parking deck to the deck on Doncaster Road. The current parking garage on the access road will be demolished and a new structure with mezzanine and extended first floor parking will be constructed, which too will be linked to the decks thus forming a ”race track” effect on the upper level. New up ramps will be created on Chichester Road, access road (Garfield) and Loch Road. We will also be creating *+- 5000M² of new retail on the first level which will include home wares and a bit of fashion.

First Phase

The first phase began mid 2014 with piling being done to accommodate the columns for the new parking decks. This was completed early December 2014.

Second Phase

In January 2015 we began the second phase of the development, namely the building of the additional parking decks. This phase was completed end September 2016 and boasts an additional 339 parking bays. A new slip road entrance was constructed entering in off Chichester Road and one off Loch Road.

Third Phase

The third phase comprised of the demolition of the current parking garage on the North West side of the centre, which commenced June 2015, and the construction of a new garage complex with a lift and escalators servicing ground, mezzanine and first floor levels. There’s a +- 5000M² retail node on the first floor level. The project was completed in April 2017.


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