It’s not just you — athleisure is everywhere. There is an increasing shift in how people approach their clothes and athleisure has become the new casual.

Athleisure can be described as a hybrid of business casual and athletic wear, which has essentially created an entirely new category of clothing. Styling has evolved to merge business casual and sportswear into one.

Retailers have embraced this consumer trend as people have changed the way they dress. While athletic wear was created for a specific use — sports or athletics, obviously — athleisure clothing isn’t. And it’s this versatility that has attracted many consumers to the category. It can be worn in most offices and social situations without causing anyone to bat an eye. It’s also generally more durable, with properties like wrinkle and odour resistance incorporated into its tech-infused fibers.

The shift to athleisure might be emblematic of larger lifestyle trends, including the widespread shift to a focus on health and fitness.

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