Back to School Competition 2019

Stand a chance to WIN your share of R20 000 in school fees!

To enter, purchase any school items to the value of R200 or more at KC and you could be 1 of 4 customers to WIN R5 000 towards your school fees!

Find entry forms and entry box at the Kenilworth Centre Info Desk (next to Checkers on the ground floor).

Competition ends 11 Feb 2019.




Date these T’s and C’s were first published: 11 JANUARY 2019
Date these T’s and C’s were last changed: N/A

These T’s & C’s, as may be amended from time to time, explain your rights and duties in respect of the Competition.  If you take part in this Competition and/or accept any prize, these T’s and C’s will apply to you. Please read the T’s and C’s carefully and pay special attention to all the terms printed in bold.

Competition name: Back to School

Promoter’s details:




This Competition is conducted and organized by the Kenilworth Centre (“Mall”) and offered by Redefine Retail Proprietary Limited (Registration Number: 2012/079189/07) (“Landlord”). In these T’s & C’s we refer to the above promoter(s) as “the Landlord” and the entrants as “the Participant(s)” or “you”.


Who may enter the Competition?”

To enter the Competition, a Participant must be in possession of a valid South African identity document. If the Participant is younger than 18 years old, the Participant must be able to show consent by a guardian or parent and be accompanied by such guardian or parent, if the Participant receives a prize.
Who cannot enter the Competition? The Competition may not be entered into by any director, member, partner, employee, agent, consultant, the marketing service providers and/or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
Competition Period: The Competition runs from 11 January 2019 until 11 February 2019 (“Competition Period”). Any entries received outside of the Competition Period will not be taken into consideration.
How to enter?

To enter the Promotion, a Participant will be required, for the duration of the Competition Period to:

I.         visit the Mall;

II.         spend an amount of R200 (Two Hundred Rands) or more on school supplies on a single till slip (“Till Slip”) , at any store or outlet, at the Mall, during trading hours;

III.         make your way to the information desk next to Checkers on the ground floor (“Information Desk”) and request an entry form;

IV.         complete the entry form in full and attach your Till Slip to the entry form (“Complete Entry”); and

V.         drop your Complete Entry into the entry box at located at the Information Desk.

Upon compliance with (i) and (v) above, a Participant will automatically be deemed to have entered the Promotion.

Limitation on entries A Participant may enter as many times as he/she wishes during the Competition Period.
Selection of Winners and Prizes to be won

Upon expiry of the Competition Period the Landlord will pick 4 (Four) winners (“Winners”) through a lucky draw which will be overseen by an independent auditor. If the Winner is a minor, such Winner must be represented and accompanied by his/her parent and/or legal guardian following the upliftment of the prize, as described below, who should be willing and able to provide the necessary permissions and consent.

Each Winner will receive a voucher to the value of R5 000.00 (Five Thousand Rands) (“Prize”) in lieu of the Winners child’s school fees (“School Fees”) for the year. If the Winner has no child/ren attending a school, the Winner may request that his/her Prize be used to settle the Winner’s grandchild, neighbour, relative and/or friend’s child/children’s School Fees.

The Landlord will not effect payment into any personal and/or third party’s bank account other than that of the school as confirmed by a letter from the bank where the school’s account is held.

None of the prizes are transferable and will not be changed, deferred or exchanged for cash for any reason whatsoever.

Winner announced on: Winners will be contacted by the Landlord by no later than 19 February 2019.
Upliftment of prizes

The Winner must, within 7 (seven) days of being notified that he/she has won, obtain a letter from his/her child’s school confirming the following:

I.         the name of the Winner’s child/ren attending the school;

II.         a full breakdown of the School Fees for the year 2019;

III.         copies of the School’s constitutive documents to verify the identity of the School and to ensure compliance with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (“FICA”).

IV.         a letter from the bank confirming the school’s bank account

(“School’s Details”)


Failure on the part of the Winner to furnish the Landlord with the School Details within 7 (Seven) days of being notified that he/she has won will result in the Winner automatically forfeiting the Prize. The Landlord will effect payment within 60 (Sixty) days of receipt of the School’s Details. The Landlord will not be held liable for any error in payment resulting from the Winner’s failure to furnish the Landlord with correct details.

How will the Winner/s be informed?





The Landlord will use all reasonable efforts to contact the Winner during Trading Hours either telephonically or via email on the contact number or email address provided by the Winner in respect of his/her Completed Entry.

If the Landlord is unable to contact or reach the Winner within 7 (seven) days of announcing the winners, the Completed Entry by that person will be disqualified and a further random drawing will be conducted by the Landlord to determine another winner. That winner will also be contacted by the Landlord via email or telephonically, as soon as reasonably practicable.

Data usage and Privacy policy

Participants are fully aware that in order for the Landlord to offer the Competition, the Landlord may collect and use personal information of the Participants. The personal information may include but is in no way limited to a Participant’s:

a.     First name and surname;

b.     Physical address;

c.     Email address;

d.     Mobile number; and/or

e.     Images/photographs.

Personal information which a Participant provides to the Landlord when entering the Competition, may, subject to prevailing law, be used for future marketing activity by the Landlord, unless the Participant duly notifies the Landlord that he/she wishes to opt out of receiving such marketing communications. The Landlord warrants that the personal information will be treated in a confidential manner and will not be shared with any unauthorised third parties. The Landlord will disclose the personal information only if required to do so by law.


Platform where these T’s & C’s can be found:

For the duration of the Competition Period, a copy of these T’s and C’s can, at no cost –

4.1.1        be found on the following website, or;

4.1.2        be obtained from the Information Desk during Trading

Hours or;

4.1.3           be requested telephonically on telephone number

021 671 5054 or

4.1.4        be found on the Kenilworth Centre Facebook page.


General terms

1.     The Landlord reserves the right to terminate the Competition with immediate effect before the end of the Competition Period at any time, if deemed necessary in its sole discretion or if circumstances arise outside of its control. No Participant will have any claim against the Landlord for such a termination.

2.     The Landlord shall not be responsible for any lost, illegible or misdirected entries.

3.     Participation in the Competition constitutes automatic acceptance of the T’s and C’s contained herein and the Participant agrees to abide by the T’s and C’s.

4.     Winners may not win any Mall Competition more than once in a 30-day period. Any winners drawn who have won in the last 30 days will be disqualified from any such Competition and another winner will be drawn.

5.     All Winners in respect of the Competition may be requested to be photographed so that their photographs may be used for future promotional purposes in relation to the Mall. Promoting platforms will include the Mall Facebook page, website page and shopping centre retail as well as newspaper publications. No fees will be payable in this regard. The Winners will be given the opportunity to decline the publication of their images.

6.     The Landlord does not make any representations or give any warranties, whether express or implicit, that the Participant’s participation in this Competition will necessarily result in the Participant winning a prize or that the aforesaid Prizes will meet the Participant’s unique requirements, preferences, standards or expectations.

7.     To the extent permissible in law, the Landlord is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any accident, injury, harm, death, loss or damages of whatsoever nature, howsoever arising, as a result of the Participant’s participation in this Promotion, unless the Landlord acted fraudulently or with gross negligence.

8.     Participants are obliged to comply with all applicable laws, including those laws protecting the intellectual property rights of other parties.

9.     These T’s and C’s will be construed, interpreted and enforced in terms of South African law.

10.  The Landlord will make a final and binding decision in respect of all matters relating to the results, qualifiers and disputes relating to the Promotion, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Amendment of T’s and C’s

If considered necessary, the Landlord reserves the right to amend the T’s and C’s by providing reasonable prior notice.


Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Competition are to be directed to:

Name         : Gouwa Waja (Marketing Manager)

Telephone : 021 671 5054

Email         :